A major objective for the establishment of the USA Branch is provide a forum whereby members of the Institute in diaspora (i.e., those living in USA) are brought together and regularly informed about the affairs of the Institute. Following the inauguration of CIBN USA Branch, the elected officers and members were saddled amongst other things with the following tasks:​
  • Ensure that its members uphold all ethical standards established by the governing council of the Institute;​
  • Liaise with the American Institute of Bankers for the purpose of sharing information that will promote global development of the banking profession in both countries, and;​
  • Work as a liaison office of the Institute to collaborate with American universities to harmonize the Institute’s curricular with those of the institutions that offer banking and finance programs; and/or accept the Institute’s certification/qualification as prerequisite for admission to undertake postgraduate studies.​
Pioneer Executives
  • Mr. Emmanuel O. Amosu FCIB - Chairman​
  • Mr. Olufemi Sotayo HCIB – 1st Vice Chairman​
  • Prince Oladepo M. Daniel-Akande FCIB – 2nd Vice Chairman​
  • Mr. Osondu O. Ariwodo FCIB – General Secretary​
  • Mr. Michael O. Jolayemi FCIB – Financial Secretary​
  • Mrs. Fehintola Aduroja,ACIB - Treasurer
Current Executives
  • Mrs. Olabisi O. Okuyemi FCIB - Chairperson​
  • Mr. Charles O. Ihebom FCIB – 1st Vice Chairman​
  • Mr. Michael Ilelaboye ACIB – 2nd Vice Chairman​
  • Alhaji Kazeem O. Busari ACIB – General Secretary​
  • Mr. Christopher E. Iweriebor ACIB – Treasurer​
  • TBD – Financial Secretary​
Mrs. Olabisi O. Okuyemi, FCIB


Mr. Charles C. Ihebom, FCIB

1st Vice Chairman

Mr. Michael Ilelaboye, ACIB

2nd Vice Chairman

Mr. Kazeem O. Busari, ACIB


Mr. Christopher E. Iweriebo, ACIB


Membership spread of the CIBN USA Branch
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